It is our mind, and that alone, that chains us or sets us free

The Soul Room is dedicated to sharing ideas and techniques to help you stay cool, calm and connected amidst the chaos of life!  These pages are for the every-day person, in every-day language, with a focus on practical tools that can be implemented into a busy lifestyle.  Cos life gets a bit crazy doesn’t it?

Take, test and implement what you want from these pages and discard the rest.  I encourage you to become an expert on yourself and a master of your mind and life.


Oh, by the way this is me… the face behind The Soul Room!

Who am I?  Angela Eksteins.  A free spirited gypsy type person just doin my thing and following my passion – meditation and everything to do with the mind.  I like to write, paint, take photos, eat, sleep and meditate, among other things.  Nature suits me more than big cities and I have a thing for the full moon…

Have I done anything interesting? I did a 30 day silent retreat once – I wished it was longer. Spent nearly 2 years living and working at a Buddhist retreat centre and one year living and working at a school in Tanzania, Africa.








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