43 Things to celebrate now that I’m 43


I recently (well, 2 months ago) turned 43 and felt inspired to make a list of some things to celebrate – in being this 43 yr old version of me!  Our general focus tends to be on all the things we haven’t changed, fixed or gotten rid of yet instead of acknowledging the person we’ve become. All the good stuff!  I hope this list inspires you to celebrate yourself – and just how far you’ve come!

Oh, these are in no particular order of importance – just randomly thought of and written.



1.  Quite often life doesn’t turn out how we hoped, dreamed or planned but we need to make peace with where we’ve ended up. I’m truly ok with where I’ve ended up. Really and truly.

2.  I can be alone without feeling lonely. There’s a big difference.

3.  I’ve realised too many ‘things’ just weigh us down. The freedom I felt when I packed up all my stuff (stored it in other peoples houses and jumped on a plane to Africa) was exhilarating.

4.  I don’t long to be understood or validated by others anymore. I aim to understand and validate myself.

5.  Comfy full briefs excite me.  G-strings don’t.

6.  I’ve stopped overanalysing. I don’t need to desperately find a higher reason or meaning for EVERY little thing that happens in my life. If a reason is apparent – great – but you know what, pretty sure I just stubbed my fricken toe because I wasn’t mindful when I was walking.  Simple as that.  Stubbing my toe doesn’t necessarily mean I’m afraid to move forward in life.  I just need to watch where I’m walking!

7.  Exercising to be a fit and healthy, strong woman has become a greater motivating force than exercising to simply look good. I wanna do pull ups like the boys.

8.  Letting go of the past has become easier. Sure I’ve been rejected, let down, betrayed… haven’t we all? I have questions that haven’t been answered (and will probably never be answered) but there’s a point where delving into the past just doesn’t serve us anymore. We have to simply open our hearts to life, where we are now…

9.  Letting go of things, stuff, and even people, has become a whole lot easier too.

10. I don’t stress anymore about what I haven’t achieved or what others think I haven’t achieved.

11. I’m flawed and have fears and that’s fine. I’m happy for some parts of me to stay just as they are – unconquered. I’ll never, EVER jump out of an aeroplane. NEVER!

12. I love my body so much more. When I look in the mirror I see more of what’s right and less of what’s ‘wrong.’ Yep, I like my small boobs. I wouldn’t be me without them.

13. I’m in control of my happiness. Happiness IS a choice and I choose to make it.

14. Choosing positive thoughts over negative ones has become more of a natural response. Only through doing some hard yards have I earned the right to say that. I still have work to do of course.

15. The things I truly value are clearer so it’s easier to make the right choices for ME.

16. I trust my own intuition and inner compass alot more; I question myself and my feelings alot less.

17. I flow with the current of life rather than fight it. If I’m sick – I rest. If I’m energetic – I get out there. If I need alone time – I take it.

18. Clarity of mind – this is so important to me now. I don’t drink alcohol anymore (been over 5 years now) because I want to keep a clear mind and hangovers are shit. Not a choice for everyone but it works for me and I like my life that way.

19. I can dance like no one’s watching – completely sober!

20. I’ve given up on throwing small tanties (tantrums) if I can’t find something. I figured out it actually doesn’t help. And things usually turn up when I let go of the desperation and irritation. Funny that.

21. My mind doesn’t bother me as much anymore and I don’t believe everything I think. Meditation and learning to simply be a witness (to my internal world and thoughts) has transformed my mind and completely changed my life.

22. I can (very happily) sit back and let a man cook for me without having to direct him or tell him how to do things in the kitchen (yes please, I’ll have one of those!).

23. I have the courage to uphold my own personal values, ethics and choices even when other people don’t get it. I no longer succumb to peer pressure.

24. I now know that I am good enough.

25. Comfort dressing is of utmost importance at 43.  Uncomfortable high heels, skin-tight dresses and tops have become definite no no’s. Aaaah the freedom of letting it all hang out and breathing properly!

26. I trust my own wisdom. After all, no one knows me better than me.

27. I value ‘niceness’ in a man and realise there’s no such thing as ‘he’s too nice.’ Do you remember saying shit like that when you were younger and dumber?!

28. Compliments – I can accept them with grace and gratitude. How wonderful if someone thinks I look gorgeous. Thank you very much!

29. I don’t feel guilty (at all) if I need to take a day off work because I’m sick. Pretty sure the world will cope without me.

30. Emotions – I can handle them now and know how to let them move through me. The negative ones don’t hang around for too long these days either.

31. I’m more realistic about life and don’t expect it to be rosy ALL the time. There’s gonna be challenges. There’s something really freeing about that…

32. Worry – I do this less.

33. I’m still wearing skirts from over 5 years ago.  And I’m totally cool with it.  Remember ladies it’s not what you wear but how you wear it!

34. I can still be happy, despite what’s happening on the outside and despite having little.

35. I can spot (and repel) emotionally unavailable and narcissistic, egocentric men. I won’t waste my time. I can thank experience for this insight.

36. Change – I’ve learnt to love it. It’s the one constant in life and I can find that secure seat within myself in the midst of change and uncertainty.

37. I can rejoice in the achievements and good fortune of others – rather than feel envious or inadequate.

38. Honesty – I’m more honest with myself about my motivations for doing things.

39. I’ve gained more tolerance and patience. With myself and other people.

40. I eat for optimal health as opposed to being completely led by desire and cravings. Well, for the most part 😉

41. I’m not ashamed of being a bag lady. That person who happily looks after all the bags while thrill-seeking friends go on sickening rides – that’s me.

42. My eyebrow hairs seem to have stopped growing. No more waxing and hardly any plucking needed. Awesome.

43. Life, and simply being me, has just become a whole lot easier. That’s something to celebrate I think.

Go and make your list! 🙂



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